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  • Pushing the limits of the World of Warcraft

    I've been thinking a lot lately about the World of Warcraft and in what ways the game can move forward. It's a gigantic ship now, there's so much content and moving pieces in it that any drastic change is unlikely to happen. For instance, WoW ...

  • WoW Archivist Warlords Of Draenor Hates The Burning Crusade

    The 40-player raids of classic WoW gave way to a limit of 25. Certainly this was an easier number to manage for most officers and raid leaders, but many guilds found it to be a tough transition. It didn't help that Tier 4's Karazhan could only...

  • WoW Archivist About Dawn Of The Quest Hub

    The idea seems so obvious it's hard to imagine that classic WoW actually didn't have quest hubs, at least not in the strict sense. WoW was the first MMO to promote the idea of leveling mainly through quests rather than grinding mobs. So Blizza...

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