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  • Nine Interface Optimization Changes of World of Warcraft 6.0

    With Delano king testing service capabilities and continues to open up the map, we have a new piece of information coming more and more familiar and full of expectations, but Blizzard in Delano king of this new piece of information has been a ...

  • WOW7.0 will not allow players to wait too long

      Recently, World of Tom Chilton Warcraft project director told the foreign media interview, answering a reporter's question, 'Why did World of Warcraft planned release every six months a piece of information? '. Chilton said Delano k...

  • World of Warcraft 100 Warlock Green Fire Task Difficulty Becomes Highe...

    Recently, Heelvsbabyface of AZ fans should request, specially with the testing service 100 number to experience the ultimate task of a Warlock Green BOSS Kanleisade fire fighting, 100 hit 90, for us even with large trumpet the new No. AZ-speed...

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